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Spatial Organizing

Ready to burn your house to the ground? Planning makes perfect.

Let me guess—is your home becoming more and more cluttered due to lack of space? I’ll let you in on a little secret—space has nothing to do with it. Anyone can go from loving their belongings to loathing them when they don't have a determined place. We will begin our organization by mapping out a plan that makes sense for you and your daily routines. An added bonus—a clear inventory of your home ultimately helps you to save you money by knowing how much of everything you have.

Imagine this all-too-common scenario: While cooking dinner at home, you go into your cupboard to pull some rice out. The more you search, the more frustrated you become. You begin to curse your missing rice, then all rice in the world, everywhere. Here you were, excited to make a dinner recipe that the whole family will enjoy, and now you'll be defeated by rice! You decide to make a run to the store to buy rice. Dinner is saved! Later, while cleaning up from dinner, you go to put the rice away and Oh. My. God. You can't believe it. There it is—that large package of rice you were searching for. Clearly front and center, just to mock you. And the kicker? For all your heroic dinner efforts you are rewarded with having to store TWO packages of rice, already opened, in your already tight-spaced pantry.

It's time to break this pattern! It is possible to organize in such a way where this scenario will never happen again. In such a way where you'll save yourself time, space and money. I am an organization expert, but I am not a mind-reader, so pick up the phone and call me TODAY before the rice fairies strike again.

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